Top 10 Best Horror Games for Android Phones

Top 10 Best Horror Games for Android Phones: First of all thanks for visiting this article, are you searching for top 10 best horror games for android phones then we are glad that you find this article. It is astonishing to panic individuals when they demonstrate no mind-set and preparation for it. Same is the situation with the awfulness diversions for individuals what lies in it yet at the same time no protection from not playing it. These diversions are the best in the class and are viewed as the best in the classification. Along these lines, it is extremely important that you do know and play best awfulness diversions for Android. You most likely going to love them all, how about we straightforwardly hop into the gathering.

Top 10 Best Horror Games for Android Phones

1. Dungeon Nightmares

Presently how about we start our commencement of best 10 frightfulness diversions for android with most played amusement, Dungeon Nightmares. This is really called the scariest diversion ever following Five night at Freddy’s. It will influence you to move around every single grimy cell oblivious and there will be all frightening creatures and individuals wandering around. There is additionally a messy place where in there will be no escape. Candles are likewise given which will cruise you through the mazes yet these focuses can be frightening as well. Ghastliness fans are certain to be satisfied. On the off chance that you haven’t play this diversion yet then pull out all the stops not. horror game for android

2. Eyes – The Horror Game

Now let’s move one step forward to our next horror game, Eyes. This game is actually a treasure and fin game. It is played by one person and lets you barrage through an abandoned house with the presence of a dreaded ghost. You must play this game if you love graphics . The best part about this game is as you are on to explore, the word ‘Run’ constantly come and the face of the ghost will keep haunting you. Your objective is essentially to take however many assemblages as would be prudent and get away from the house before it ends your life away. You should take the paid rendition of the diversion on the off chance that you need to have to a greater extent an exciting knowledge of the amusement. Simply recollect a certain something, this amusement isn’t for kids.

3. Curse Breakers: Horror Mansion

horror game for android

This game is not for kids for sure, Curse Breakers. If you have a small heart patient then don’t this game ever. This is a classic game that is sure to entertain you to the core. It is necessary that you see some crazy horror games and also fight a lot of paranormal activities in order to be considered the best. It is a very casual game and also has other horror elements added to it. There is also no in app purchase in it. It is free and scary.

4. The Fear : Creepy Scream House

This is the most dangerous game available on Google Play store right now, according to us. Game comes with deep effect story and packs with high graphics. While playing the game you will have a fearful and tension atmosphere which is just awesome. This is a Fear paranormal horror and creepy game of all time.

5. Slendrina: The Cellar 2

Slendrina, next horror android game on our list. You need to find 8 old books located in different places in the cellar.
There are also keys that you need to find for those locked doors. This game is simply awsome and outstanding. My personal experience, Save me such a horrer game my voice was hered in the society. I rightly recommend you to try this game now, very addictive.

6. Horror Hospital 2

Are you scanning for loathsomeness diversion that can prepared to confront your dread, if yes then you most likely going to attempt ‘Frightfulness Hospital 2’. In a clinic which contains paranormal exercises, it is extremely hard to survive if your nerves isn’t hard as steel. While playing this amusement it’s practically difficult to discover our who is blessed messenger and fallen angel. Prepare to feel phenomenal air, anxious situation and blood-turning sour stream, you are one stage in front of comic book loathsomeness diversion.

7. School – the horror game

If you really love to visit your empty school at night then you surely going to love this horror school game for sure. This is a very scary game with great graphics. Search an old school, and find the way to escape. If you are found by ghosts, tap the screen quickly and repeatedly, then you will be able to escape.

8. 3D horror game

horror game for android

Last purchase not the minimum, 3D loathsomeness amusement. It will meander about a presumed incapacitated house and will influence every one of the activities to coordinate. Incredible diversion! It has a decent air, It appears to be frightening when you simply start and I show end out before anything really happened! This is a decent terrifying diversion, do give an attempt.

9. Dead Trigger 2

Dead Trigger 2, practically everybody knew about amusement. In the event that you haven’t play this yet then should give an attempt, you clearly going to love it. It has an extremely terrifying setting. It has peril and heaps of different components in it. It pivots to perceive what how much risk can come in the amusement. There will be the consistent dread around and furthermore heaps of excite in the amusement. There is even Exorcist sense in the amusement and there are even zombies which move around and it is enjoyable to watch. It is a sort of one individual shooting amusement.

6. Five Nights at Freddy’s 4

Presently we should propel one stage more to our next android awfulness diversion, Five Nights at Freddy’s 4. You have just an electric lamp to ensure yourself. It will frighten off things that might crawl at the furthest end of the corridors, yet be watchful, and tune in. On the off chance that something has crawled excessively close, at that point sparkling lights in its eyes will be your end. Do attempt it now, on the off chance that you are a challenging individual.


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