Top 10 Sites To Find Free Audio Books Online In 2018

Twenty to thirty year olds, who scarcely have time for breakfast/lunch/supper in this quick paced world, frequently neglect to proceed with their perusing propensity due to absence of time. Relinquishing this propensity is a noteworthy difficulty in learning and development, so what do we do? Here comes the time of book recordings to the safeguard! A book recording is a chronicle of a content being perused. The most unmistakable advantage of book recordings is that it can be tuned in to while doing different things, riding your approach to/once again from work, amid sleep time, and so on. Furthermore, if the speaker is great, the book really wakes up. Here is a rundown of best 10 locales to download free book recordings online in 2018.

Top 10 Sites To Find Free Audio Books Online 

1. :

This site’s name is pretty much self-explanatory. The layout of the site is simple and modest with easy search options. You can find required audio books with these search options easily. This basic site offers free audio books in various genres and majority of classics. Some of them are Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain, Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Caroll, Emma by Jane Austen, etc. Everything available on this website is practically free and downloadable in mp3 or m4b formats.

2. :

This site is focused on providing free children-centered audio books. The layout of the site has various colours and a catchy look. It provides fun and interesting stories that can be used as bedtime stories, party anecdotes for kids, fun picnic short stories or basically any activity with your children. The audio stories are accompanied by attractive pictures and cartoons that makes it enjoyable for kids of all ages. StoryNory offers free audio books for kids that has a mixed collection of fairy tales, classics and original stories meant exclusively for kids. This is the most popular among “Top 10 Sites To Find Free Audio Books Online In 2018”.

3. :

This site has recently merged with, which is the home for crowd priced eBooks and free audio books. It provides free audio books of trending titles from all genres. You can even find the classics here. It is one of the most visited sites that users trust to find free audio books online. From famous to just published, you find them all here. Podio Books has a way of encouraging listeners to donate money to the authors directly. It is considered as a token of appreciation and 75% of the donation goes straight to the authors of the books.

4. :

This site was previously known as It is a completely free website to access a variety of audio books.  The site has a minimalist, effective and easy to navigate layout. It provides you options to stream free audio books online and also download them if you like. You can download audio books in zip format of mp3 files.

5. :

This is a site for browsing new and personalized music. But it also has an “audio books” playlist that has a list of audio books available and more are being constantly added by the service. It is a completely free site to listen to free audio books online. You can also switch to premium service to remove all sorts of ads. Some of the prominent features of this playlist are “The Great Gatsby”, “Pride and Prejudice”, “1984”, etc.

6. :

This site is a free summer audio book program for teens and young adults. It functions in several seasons, with a start and an end date. You can find the previous titles on the site itself. You can also follow the site’s activity during the time it is actively working and producing audio books. It is one of the best sites for young adults to find free audio books.

7. Project Gutenberg :

Project Gutenberg is a classic site for free audio books available in a public domain. The site also provides you human-read and computer-read options for these audio books for stand out titles like “The Colours of Space”, “Jane Eyre”, “The Book of Tea”, etc. This site houses one of the largest and oldest collections of audio books on the entire internet.

8. Lit2Go :

This site has one of the most fine looking layouts and contains a comprehensive collection of downloadable short stories and poems. You can browse the audio books on this website by title, genre, collection, etc. Users can download this endless stock of audio books in the mp3 format. Every audio book is accompanied with a black and white artwork/cover that adds a nice touch to the website. This site offers audio books, plays, short stories and poems that have been specifically personalized for classrooms.

9. Learn Out Loud :

This site is a hybrid library, it features a huge collection of audio books but not all of them are for free.  The site provides a free stuff tab that helps you navigate through the content being provided by the website for free. There is a column in the site on the left that focuses on the free audio books that have been a continuous spotlight for the month. It also consists audio books and videos in foreign languages.

10. BookRix :

This site is for all those who aren’t that much into classics or have read them to their heart’s extent and now are looking for fresher and newer options. The site serves as a platform for independent writers to publish their works for free and for various readers to find it conveniently. You can filter the results based on desired titles, genres, etc. BookRix’s biggest assets are its forums and community threads that provide you with a method of engagement with all the readers and a way to go beyond just listening.

Those are the “Top 10 Sites To Find Free Audio Books Online In 2018”. There are various illegal options available out there on the internet but then you are not really respecting the author’s work and effort that went into creating the book/audio book. So, please, whenever you can donate to these authors, read or listen to books only from authorized sites and pay the artists whose arts you keep or wish to keep.

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